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A Divison of Restoration America.
A 501(c)3 Charity.

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Real Estate Donations

C/O Restoration America
86 N. Williams St.
Crystal Lake, IL
1-847-783-0232 Office
1-224-293-6110 FAX

Contact Real Estate Donations to Find out how We will pay you 4.5% annually on your property donation. To find out if donating real estate is right for you, click here to learn more about the tax benefits.
Click here for a list of acceptable property types.
We participate on Guidestar, the online standard for nonprofit accountability.


Real Estate Donations, a Restoration America Charity is a nation-wide 501(c)3 charitable organization with the unsurpassed ability to handle all phases of donating real estate.

Restoration America would like to send a big Thank You to all of our Donors that have donated their properties to help Restoration America in 2014 and in years past. We are continually striving and exceeding our goals of helping Veterans and Seniors with affordable housing.

We are the nonprofit leader for those wishing to give non-cash donations. Whether homes, vacant land, commercial buildings, industrial property, or even cars, boats, or planes, Real Estate Donations has the expertise to handle any type of donations. Our real estate, tax, and legal consultants are experts in the donation process. It is this commitment to quality and doing the job right that sets us apart. We are committed to providing the best guidance throughout the process to achieve the highest possible tax deductions. What can be donated?

The advantages for donating real estate are substantial. These include – For Individual Donors:

  • Avoid Or Diminish Capital Gains
  • Receive a Charitable Tax Deduction
  • Eliminate Selling Problems
  • Simple to Transfer Ownership
  • No Real Estate Fees
  • Possible Income Through An Annuity
  • Philanthropic Goals Are Met

For Charities: Historically, most charities have been unable or unwilling to accommodate

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gifts of real estate. A large percentage of properties offered kamagra gel as donations are rejected by the charities because of liability concerns, mortgages or liens, or environmental issues. Charities’ staffs simply don’t have the expertise, or the time to safely handle such donations. Their boards of directors discourage such gifts. The times are changing. Charities need the revenue such donations will generate. Advantages include:

  • Access an Untapped Funding Resource
  • One Contact for Donor and Charity
  • Our Experts Guide the Entire Process
  • No Up-Front Fees
  • No Liability for the Charity
  • No Costs, Including Insurance, Taxes, Fees

For Corporations: Corporations are challenged to liquidate properties in a timely manner while meeting governmental guidelines and regulations. Donating property was difficult as the associated legal, financial and organizational issues discouraged most non-profit organizations from accepting these gifts. New opportunities may provide an exit strategy for corporations who own negative cash flow properties and at the same time create major funding for the charitable world. Why wouldn’t your corporation seize this opportunity? Advantages include:

  • Costly Unused or Underused Property Can be Eliminated
  • May be Able Up to 10% of the Corporate Profits
  • Excess Contribution Amounts May be Carried Forward for Up to Five Years
  • The Donation May be Timed for the Best Advantage
  • Excellent Public Relations for the Local Community
  • Whether you are an individual donor, a charity seeking assistance, or a corporation looking for answers, Real Estate Donations is the only call you need to make!