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A Divison of Restoration America.
A 501(c)3 Charity.

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Real Estate Donations

C/O Restoration America
86 N. Williams St.
Crystal Lake, IL
1-847-783-0232 Office
1-224-293-6110 FAX

Contact Real Estate Donations to Find out how We will pay you 4.5% annually on your property donation. To find out if donating real estate is right for you, click here to learn more about the tax benefits.
Click here for a list of acceptable property types.
We participate on Guidestar, the online standard for nonprofit accountability.

Donation Services

Real Estate Donations assists corporations, individuals and charities by managing the process of real estate donation. Our focus is to maximization of tax and income advantages in addition to the obvious philanthropic benefits. For example, Real Estate Donations can assist corporations in the donation of nonproductive assets so that they might realize significant tax advantages as well as philanthropic goals. Additionally, corporate donations may be used to fund Charitable Remainder Trusts, Corporate Foundations, or even employee retirement programs. Real Estate Donations also works directly with charities, providing a single point of contact, to negotiate and manage the complex real estate transactions involved with property donations. Expertise in 501(c)3 charities and the tax laws associated with them; in addition to our network of real estate professionals allows Real Estate Donations to provide outstanding, comprehensive service to charities and donors of real estate, alike.